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January 6, 2024


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Welcome to the world of adventure elopements and beautiful micro weddings, where love meets untamed exploration. Once the excitement of the proposal passes and wedding planning begins, one of the first and most important decisions you will make is the style or overall look of your wedding. Choosing your wedding style is like selecting the palette for your unique love story, and in this guide, we at EZ Elopements will explore some of the most popular styles of the upcoming season so you and your partner can figure out what vibe fits your unique love. 

Rustic Wedding – Romance in the Wild:

Imagine exchanging vows amidst nature’s embrace, surrounded by the rustic charm of weathered barns, sprawling fields, or forest clearings. Rustic celebrations capture the essence of simplicity and authenticity. Think earthy tones like sage green or terracotta, effortless wildflower bouquets, lace or wooden accents, and flickering candlelight. If you love the idea of stringing up some twinkling lights and having a family style meal with your closest friends, a rustic wedding is perfect for you. It’s an intimate gathering where the beauty of nature becomes the backdrop for the forging of a new bond. 

Traditional Style – Timeless Elegance:

For couples seeking timeless sophistication, a traditional gathering may be for you. Picture classic attire against dramatic landscapes. More formal and less fad driven, this style exudes refinement and grace while celebrating the grandeur of the smaller details. With an adventure elopement, a traditional style adds classic elements like more muted statement bouquets, pearls and lace. A Traditional style is perfect for the couple that wants a celebration that feels like a timeless affair to remember. 

Bohemian Style – Eclectic Bliss:

A bohemian gathering embraces the beauty of nature, muted tones, and soft beautiful touches. The boho theme embodies a free-spirited vibe that allows you to be one with your surroundings. Embrace eclectic decor, muted colors, pampas, dream catchers, flowing fabrics, macramé and mismatched details that effortlessly merge with the surroundings. This style encourages self-expression, fostering an atmosphere of carefree love and artistic flair. With a Bohemian style you are free to let your imagination frolic while you embrace the beauty of your love. 

Luxurious Style – Moody Glamour

Step into a world of opulence with the luxury moody style—an embodiment of refined sophistication and emotive ambiance. Think velvet textures, jewel tones, and rich metallic accents. This style builds a sense of drama, intimacy, and allure. With candlelit settings casting mesmerizing shadows and plush furnishings creating cozy nooks, a moody elopement sets the stage for an indulgent celebration. Ideal for couples seeking a sophisticated edgy affair, this style effortlessly merges luxury with atmosphere, crafting an unforgettable experience.

Whimsical Wedding Style – Fairy Tale Wonderland:

Transport yourselves to an enchanted realm where nature and fantasy intertwine. The whimsical elopement style is all about embracing your imagination. Think fairy lights, hanging lanterns, beautiful fabrics, quirky touches, and playful elements harmonizing with nature’s beauty. Whether you want your ceremony amidst wildflowers, or deep within the woods, a Whimsical Wedding allows you to dream big and think creatively to create a wonderland that feels like a page out of your own fairy tale.

When it comes to planning your big day, it is easy to get lost in all the options, but if you can nail down the overall style that speaks to your relationship everything else will come together. Each style offers a canvas on which you can paint your unique story. Whether it’s incorporating cultural traditions, family heirlooms, or shared passions, let your elopement reflect your love in every detail. Whether you go rustic, traditional, bohemian, moody or whimsical, let your hearts guide you to the style that resonates most. Head over to our gallery or Pinterest to get an idea of how each style comes to life in various environments. Embrace the adventure and create a wedding day that embodies the essence of your love story.

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meet the team

We are EZ Team, and we are so happy you're here. This blog is your resource guide for everything related to an elopement or a small intimate wedding planning and ideas. Stay a while and say hello!

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