Sola Bouquets: Eco Flowers for Your Big Day


February 14, 2024


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Floral bouquets are the heart of a bride’s ensemble, weaving in elements of her personal style and adding a touch of nature’s grace to the celebration. When it comes to your bouquet there are literally endless options for style, shape, color, florals, greenery, ribbons, and more. Here at EZ Elopements we use all of nature’s options, but our favorite florals are Sola Wood! Today we will break down the basics of a bridal bouquet with Sola Wood Florals, and hopefully help you start to build the idea of your perfect bridal bouquet!

Overview of a bouquet made with blue, navy, and orange wood flowers.

The Basics: What are Sola Wood Flowers

When it comes to bridal florals there are two paths: fresh flowers and Sola wood flowers. Now, we are all familiar with the vibrant hues and mass varieties of live florals, but what happens when your wedding is over and your beautiful bridal bouquet begins to wilt? Enter Sola wood floral bouquets—a timeless and Eco-friendly alternative that captures the essence of everlasting beauty. 

Sola wood flowers, are derived from the tapioca plant, embodying sustainability and charm. Their unique origin as a highly sustainable and drought-resistant plant make them an Eco-conscious choice for brides seeking a lasting impact beyond their wedding day. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Utah, each Sola wood flower boasts a natural creamy ivory hue, offering a classic and elegant base that can be dyed to match any color palette.

What sets our Sola wood floral bouquets apart is the personalized touch we offer. We meticulously hand-dye each flower to match your wedding color palette, ensuring a seamless integration with your theme. Our in-house designer takes pride in customizing these everlasting bouquets to mirror your personal style and needs, infusing each arrangement with your unique essence.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Sola wood bouquets are 100% biodegradable and sustainable. Their everlasting nature allows us to create a bouquet that transcends time, becoming a cherished keepsake. Furthermore, these flowers can be infused with essential oils, creating a captivating aromatic keepsake long after your day. 

Designing Your Bridal Bouquet:

When it comes to building your custom bridal bouquet, you have three decisions to make: style, colors, and special notes. Lets talk through each: 

First Choose Your Style: 

  • Classic Round Bouquets: Timeless and sophisticated, the classic round bouquet features a symmetrical arrangement, radiating elegance and balance. Sola wood flowers, crafted meticulously, can create stunning larger round bouquets or be scaled down for a more delicate and intimate look, suiting varied preferences. This is the bouquet you would imagine in fairy tales or weddings of the past. 
smaller classic round bouquet made with cream and sage green sola wood flowers
  • Modern and Loose Bouquets: Embrace the free-spirited allure with modern and loose bouquets exuding an organic, unstructured charm. With a modern loose bouquet you can expect asymmetry varied flower types and scales, and unexpected mixes of greenery and floral elements. The modern bouquet is fun, fluid, and lends an effortless beauty to the bridal ensemble.
Photograph of a medium sized bridal bouquet featuring a modern and loose style with purple, white, and pink sola flowers
  • Cascade Bouquets: For those seeking a touch of drama, cascade bouquets offer a captivating flow of flowers cascading downwards. Sola wood blooms can be meticulously assembled to create cascading arrangements that hold their shape forever creating interesting keepsake options. Providing a larger-than-life yet graceful presence or tailored to a smaller, more refined cascade for a subtle statement, cascade bouquets create a dramatic focal point that draws the eye into the bride and creates a fuller picture as they walk down the aisle.  
A beautiful hot pink peony Sola Wood bouquet.

Then Pick Your Flower Colors: 

  • Do you want your bouquet to be colorful or primarily white with accents of your wedding colors?
  • Do you have preferences as to the color tone of the bouquet? Pastels, jewel tones, warm or cool colors. 

Last, Special Flower Notes: 

  • Do you have any special items you want included in your bouquet?
  • Are there any flowers that have meaning to you?
  • Ribbon vs. twine, how would you like your bouquet wrapped? 

Let Us Build Your Dream Sola Bouquet!

Elevate your wedding day with the enduring allure of Sola wood floral bouquets. Their sustainability, craftsmanship, and everlasting charm make them a standout choice for brides seeking elegance and Eco-consciousness. At EZ Elopements, each bouquet is crafted with precision and artistry,  tailored to reflect your unique wedding style and preferences, no matter which avenue you choose. We love live florals, but we specialize in custom Sola Wood bouquets, boutonnieres, and accessories. Head to our online gallery to see more examples of our Sola masterpieces, or take a look at the manufacturer website here to learn more! Let us curate a bouquet that not only complements your style but becomes a treasured symbol of your endless love.

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We are EZ Team, and we are so happy you're here. This blog is your resource guide for everything related to an elopement or a small intimate wedding planning and ideas. Stay a while and say hello!

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