Ceremony Types (7 unique traditions)


February 14, 2024


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Ceremony Types & Unconventional Traditions: Crafting Unforgettable Moments for Your Wedding

In the world of weddings, every couple seeks to create a day that resonates with their personal journey. Embracing unconventional traditions adds a distinctive flair that will make your day a memorable experience. Beyond the conventional, there lies a world of enchanting rituals that allow you to carve out your own narrative. Join the EZ team as we go on a journey  through the unconventional traditions we have had the pleasure of planning, each weaving its own thread into the tapestry of our couple’s love stories.

1. Unity Sand Ceremony:

Unconventional traditions: Couple preforming a unity sand ceremony on their wedding day.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a symbolic ritual where couples blend different colored sands into a single container, symbolizing the union of two lives. Each color represents an individual or their lives, and as the sands mix, they create a beautiful, inseparable blend. During the ceremony, the couple takes turns pouring their colored sands into a central vessel, creating a stunning layered effect. The mingling of sands represents the intertwining of their lives and the unbreakable bond formed in marriage.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is one of the ceremony types that offers a visual and tangible representation of unity. It demonstrates the uniqueness of each side and the beauty that emerges when two become one in a gorgeous keepsake. 

2. Unity Candle Ceremony:

Couple preforming a unity candle ceremony on their wedding day.

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a classic and visually stunning tradition symbolizing the union of two lives. It typically involves three candles – two smaller candles representing the individual lives of the couple and a larger central candle representing their unity. At the beginning of the ceremony, the couple lights the individual candles. Later, together, they use the flames from their individual candles to light the central, larger candle. The act of combining the flames into one represents the merging of their lives into a shared journey.

The Unity Candle Ceremony is a timeless and elegant way to visualize the blending of two families and the creation of a new one. The extinguishing of the individual candles further emphasizes the unity and commitment to a shared future.

3. Love Lock Tree:

Unconventional traditions: Couple preforming a love lock ceremony on their wedding day.

Originating from the love lock bridge tradition in Paris, love lock trees involve attaching a padlock to a designated structure, such as a tree or decorative frame, symbolizing everlasting love. Couples bring a padlock, often engraved with their names or wedding date, and secure it to the chosen structure. The key is then thrown away, signifying the enduring nature of their commitment. Love lock trees provide a lasting and tangible symbol of your love. It creates a beautiful visual representation of the permanence of your union.

4. Handfasting:

Couple preforming an unconventional handfasting ceremony on their wedding day.

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition where the hands of the couple are bound together with ribbons or cords. This symbolizes their commitment and the union of their lives.During the ceremony, a chosen officiant or a close family member wraps colored ribbons or cords around the couple’s clasped hands in a series of knots. The ribbons represent the separate lives intertwining to create a solid bond between the couple. Often adapted by pagan or Wiccan couples, handfasting is a poetic and meaningful ritual. It adds a touch of history and cultural richness to your wedding, emphasizing the interconnections of your lives. 

5. Jumping the Broom:

Couple preforming an unconventional  broom jumping on their wedding day.

Originating from African American culture, jumping the broom is a tradition where the couple leaps over a broom together. This symbolizes stepping over the threshold into their new life together. After exchanging vows, the couple places a broom on the ground and jumps over it hand in hand, often to the cheers and applause of their guests. Jumping the broom is a joyous and visually captivating tradition. It adds cultural significance and represents the couple’s commitment to stepping into a new future together.

6. Wine Capsule Tradition:

A bottle of fancy Irish whisky behind two crystal glasses and an engagement ring.

The Wine Capsule Ceremony is a unique and intimate ritual. It involves sealing a bottle of wine or your preferred alcohol with letters written by the couple to each other. The idea is to open the bottle on a significant anniversary, providing a nostalgic look back on their wedding day. Prior to the ceremony, the couple writes heartfelt letters to each other, expressing their love and hopes for the future. During the ceremony, the letters are placed inside a box or a specially designed capsule with a bottle of alcohol. The couple seals the box, creating a time capsule of their love.

The Wine Capsule Ceremony is one of the ceremony types that is a meaningful and enduring tradition that allows couples to capture the essence of their relationship at the time of their wedding. Opening the capsule in the years to come becomes a beautiful reflection on the journey they’ve shared.

7. Unique Vows Exchange:

Groom writing his vows on his wedding day

Instead of traditional vows, some couples opt for a unique vows exchange where they write personal promises to each other in letters or exchange sentimental gifts, ensuring a deeply personalized and intimate moment. Before the ceremony, couples write heartfelt vows, sharing promises and sentiments that hold personal meaning. The couple then take a moment apart from their celebration, often at a first look, to exchange their sentiments in a truly romantic, personal setting.

Crafting and exchanging unique vow moments allow couples to express their love in a way that is authentic to their relationship, fostering a sense of genuine intimacy and connection.

In the vast landscape of wedding traditions and wedding ceremony types, embracing the unconventional not only adds a touch of magic but also transforms your celebration into a more personal experience. These rituals provide an opportunity to infuse your wedding day with personal meaning, creating moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether it’s the unity of sand or flame, the permanence of a love lock, the binding of hands, the leap over a broom, the sealing of a moment in time, or the exchange of unique vows, each tradition contributes to the symphony of your love. Regardless of your choice of traditions, unconventional or not,  EZ Elopements is ready to help you build the ceremony of your dreams. For more ideas and inspiration, head to our Gallery or check out our Pinterest page!

Feel free to comment with any other ideas or traditions you have found interesting below!

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We are EZ Team, and we are so happy you're here. This blog is your resource guide for everything related to an elopement or a small intimate wedding planning and ideas. Stay a while and say hello!

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