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Elope on a Boat

unique way to say i do

or get married on a yacht!

My (now) husband and I have been together for over 8 years. Been engaged for the half of that period, we had started planning a wedding and putting together the details of our celebration – making a guest list, ordering invitations, and coming up with the wedding theme. We even put a deposit down on the venue!

Feeling overwhelmed, as well as been offered new career opportunities, just a few months away from the chosen date, we ended up moving to a different state (Washington). New home, new jobs, new paths, yet we still wanted to make this happen, to finally get married. This is when we found the perfect for us option, and decided to elope on a boat!

Our Story

Let’s hope, this is the ONE in a lifetime moment, but whatever the circumstances are, you two choose to escape the crowds and, often, unnecessary expenses, and have a private ceremony that is just for the two of you.

Going to the court is a simple solution. Getting married at the beach – trivial. Here is an idea: get in the water and get married by a Captain! Imagine how awesome your marriage certificate will look.

Your Experience - Why Elope on a Boat?

Say i do in a middle of Lake Union

The perfect boat to elope just for the two of you is a boat named Mary Adda, which was originally built as a wedding present for the wife of Charles Dearborn, so romance is certainly in her blood. It offers a beautiful atmosphere, up graded interior design, and just enough room for an intimate setting.


Ceremony on a Boat

The ceremony will take a place on a boat, right in the middle of Lake Union (which is a very symbolic name for a wedding).

All of our amazing captains have all the necessary paper work and certification to marry you on the vessel.

And it's official!!

After the breathtaking moment is over, it is time for as equally exciting part – signing your marriage certificate! The somewhat hidden room located on the lower level of the boat is the perfect place to take care of the technicalities. There is a small, but perfectly comfortable table, as well as seats that allow you easily to complete the official part of your getaway!

And that is not the end yet… after the two of you unite your paths in a marriage, you will have the opportunity to climb onto the bow and share the moment privately, where no one can see or hear your emotional outburst and the fulfilling happiness of your new beginning. 


You will have a chance to say your vows BAREFOOT (if you choose so)!

As a bonus point, you will have more than enough time to capture the moments and make new, wonderful memories together!

Another incredible part of the elopement on this boat is the unbelievable accommodations and sincere understanding of the captain. He will not only turn the boat in the direction that will provide your photographer with the opportunity to take wonderful pictures with the most beautiful background, but he will also allow the moment of photography from a dock away of the boat to get shots of the two of you from far away! That is when you get this amazing opportunity to enjoy your first dance on the bow to the unique sounds of nature.

On the side note, if that is not something you are comfortable with or less preferred, you may have a private moment in the same room you left your autographs and have a glass of champagne !

Variety of boats and yachts

we have since partnered up with a variety of boats in different destinations, such as

Lake union, Seattle | WA

annapolis | md

philladelphia | pa

long beach | ca

austin | tx

florida & more!

our couples get a full list of a variety of boats, yachts etc to choose the perfect vessel for their perfect experience during the planning process


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We'll discuss your vision, locations, permits (if applicable), and the timeline of your special day, as we work with you to ensure your wildest dreams come true, and that we know which things are most important to you about your day.
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