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EZ Elopements started as a result of an adventurous couple looking for a unique yet stress-free way to tie the knot and build a life together.

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Elizabeth & Zachary

Hello! My name is Elizaveta, but I go by Elizabeth here in the US. I was born and raised in Russia. When I was 17, I was given an amazing opportunity – I moved to the United States. Barely speaking a word of English and not understanding the “weird” American culture, I translated every word everywhere I went, in everything I read. Slowly, I emerged.

7 years later, after living and working in California, Hawaii, and Seattle, I’ve made it up to a Project Manager position, while pursuing a BS degree in Business Management. Somewhere along the way, I met a guy. The most supportive, strong, and intelligent man. After he proposed, in 2015, we kind-of-not-really-slowly planned a wedding. We even put a deposit on a yacht down in California (which we never got back)! We lived in Hawaii for almost a year as he went through Scuba Diving University and became a master diver, but in 2017 he decided to attend DIT, which is why we moved to Seattle. Our families are all over the place, most of mine being on the opposite side of the world. So guess what? We did not want to wait, and we did not want to have to get ourselves in any debt, so we decided to elope.

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We both are adventurous individuals that love to travel, dive, and do all kinds of crazy things. As a result, I certainly did not want a trivial courthouse ceremony. I wanted something unique, and I could not find a small, but truly special experience that would stand out like my personality. In the end, I had to put everything together myself: I found an amazing and historical wooden boat on Lake Union, which offered simple charters, but nothing special or outrageous. I connected with the owner, and found a captain that was ordained to be able to perform the ceremony. I posted on FB to find a photographer, who could join us for the ride to capture our moment with hopes to find someone who fits our needs and budget. Well that’s not all, you see, we moved to a completely new to us city, but we needed two people to witness the moment we say the I DOs and sign our marriage certificate. Luckily, I found a photographer that was so amazing that she offered to not only serve as one of the official witnesses, but to also bring along her BF, who was trying to learn videography, to record our ceremony and serve as a witness as well!! On 7/7/17, Everything came together. We got married! It was simple, but it was very special and incredibly unique (at least to me), and certainly, not comparable to a court house ceremony.

As soon as I said I DO, I could not think about celebrating or a honey moon. What I started to wonder is, “How awesome would it be if other couples around the world could have such unique and special experience without the hassle of trying to figure out every single detail?” I mean, besides wanting not to have to throw away thousands of dollars on a wedding, the planning and stressing out about the special day is literally one of the reasons many choose to elope.

The Wedding Planning

Literally anything Mediterranean + a full-bodied red. (Cocktail hour? French 75, please)


This guy. My husband, Mark. Believe it or not, he's as hilarious as he is handsome.



Spending time in my garden, or mornings with my sweet family.



Buying too many hats. Watching New Girl over and over again. And really good chocolate every afternoon.

guilty pleasure


Positano, Italy, with the Maldives as a close second. I also love Charleston... and Costa Rica. 

places i've been



That moment after the ceremony when my clients realize their forever starts right then.

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Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

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